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Stunning London Blue Topaz and Larimar silver earring


This is simple Elegance at its best! This Sterling Silver Earring features a gorgeous cut of London Blue topaz 7x7 Square Cushion with  Checker board facets nestled above a Larimar 8x8 mm  Square and connected with a hinge mechanism. All is hand fabricated and set into 3.8 Grams of sterling silver. Larimar is a natural stone and the color  and markings will vary from the ones pictured.  However we use high quality stones and they are all beautiful examples mother nature!
Larimar is said to be a healing stone, and is supposed to enlighten and heal in a mental ,physical and spiritual way. It stimulates  the heart, throat and third eye chakras facilitating inner wisdom and outer manifestation.
It represents peace and clarity radiating healing and loving energy.  In short Larimar is an amazing and beautiful stone to be  wearing and should  be part of every jewelry box!!