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Our Story

In 1992, Misti Martin, founder of Mystical Madness and Misti Martin Designs, began sharing her original silver and natural elements designs with women worldwide. Since then, her designs have found a loyal following in prominent stores, museums, and galleries worldwide, and women from all locations collect and wear her designs.

Mystical Madness makes its home on the exotic island of Bali, nestled in the Archipelago of Indonesia. Here, Mystical Madness designs come alive. Each creation begins with a conceptual drawing, followed by the selection of exquisite materials that make up each design. Misti’s creativity and use of materials make her designs pieces you will love to wear and collect.

Skilled artisans carefully assemble silver components with gemstones, fossils, minerals, druzy quartz, and even hand-carved faces to create timeless treasures for women to enjoy for a lifetime. Mystical Madness celebrates the spirit of the modern woman and makes each piece for women to treasure and wear as if it were their favorite pair of jeans.

Mystical Madness has collections in the Smithsonian Institute, The Natural Museum of History in NY, the Field Museum in Chicago, National Geographic, The Sundance Catalog, and Ross-Simons. Followers can also find her designs in jewelry stores, cruise ships, boutiques, gift shops, and clothing stores.

Over 17 years of expertise go into creating, distributing, and serving customers, making Mystical Madness a leading name in designer jewelry. Misti’s unique designs and ability to merge fashion trends and feminine chic have created unique jewelry made with a medley of natural stones and minerals.

Each piece combines color and texture with ancient symbols, unusual motifs, organic elements, and colorful jewels to give you a custom jewelry experience that lets you know you have entered the world of Mystical Madness.

Misti says, “The inspiration for the jewelry comes from my fascination with the many natural resources from earth and sea. I consider jewelry making an art form, but rather than using watercolors. My palette contains a rainbow of colored gemstones and unusual agates. I draw from an endless ocean of materials. Turquoise, amber, aquamarine, opal, seashells, fossils, and petrified woods- to name just a few are among the many materials that are incorporated into my work."

Combining raw materials with the intricate artisanship of metal smithing and current fashion trends allows Mystical Madness to offer collections infused with a fresh, bold spirit. This allows Mystical Madness to provide collections that are both striking and distinctive.

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