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Exquisite Aqua Sea Glass and Labradorite silver earring


This exquisite Earring combines authentic aqua sea glass with faceted Labradorite. Set in sterling silver, a single 10x8 faceted rectangle labradorite hovers above genuine authentic aqua sea glass picked up from the coast of Maine. Labradorite also known as Spectrolite and is a feldspar mineral-it is a stone of transformation-it is a useful companion thru change-, imparting strength & perseverance. Excellent for strengthening intuition and faith in oneself - it is also said to be calming.

 PLEASE NOTE: because each piece of sea glass is formed by mother nature the sea glass will vary in every pair of  earrings from what is pictured. we do gently shape the genuine sea glass to create a matching pair to be set into earrings. we also use natural stones and the labradorite can also vary from the picture posted.
weight:5.2 gram per paiS